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[2016] Structural failure assessment of a post-Panamax

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Ships and Offshore Structures, Volume 11, No. 8, pp.847-859, 2016

Structural failure assessment of a post-Panamax class containership: lessons learned from the MSC Napoli accident

Author(s): T.J. Koh & J.K. Paik

This paper presents a structural failure assessment of the engine room region of a post-Panamax containership, outside 0.4 L amidships and subject to an unexpected excessive hull girder bending moment and shearing force, with reference to the hull failure accident of the post-Panamax containership MSC Napoli. The ultimate strength of both the hull girder and stiffened panels in an as-built post-Panamax containership is estimated using ANSYS nonlinear finite element analysis and ALPS/HULL and ALPS/ULSAP programs to clarify the adequacy of the structural safety. Finally, this paper proposes an assessment procedure for preventing an unexpected catastrophe, such as that experienced by theMSC Napoli. Such accidents, although rare, result in significant economic losses and marine pollution.

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